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Washing Instructions

Wash in cool water with mild shampoo and conditioner. Rinse in cool water. Gently squeese out excess water and shake. Hang over glass to dry.

Keep away from heat! (including curling irons) If you choose to use spray, use only wig spray.


How long will it last?

Wigging Out wigs are the very best of quality! Your wig will last
forever with the proper care! Be sure to ask about our accessories
to get wig detangler, shampoo and conditioner so your wig will look brand new every day!

Putting on your wig will take less than a minute, and will stay put all day long! So, go ahead and transform your look with a Wigging Out wig!

Velcro straps
on back of wig

Adjust to comfort

Put wig over forehead

Then stretch it all of the way down the back of your neck. Don't be afraid to strech it!

Pull bangs to bottom of brow

Make sure the side tabs are around your temple and front of ear.

Always tuck behind the ear,

smooth out and make sure to flatten sides.


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