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Thank you for the interest in our products!

We offer top of the line synthetic wigs and hairpieces. This is easy to do, no help is needed!

If you want instant cash and to earn high profits, you should strongly consider being a distributor or owning a mall cart business. In our Distributorship Program and Mall Cart Program, we can provide you without charging outrageous prices. Also, we can provide you with set-up and training for your own mall cart business. Please inquire about our Distributorship and Mall Cart Programs!

I look forward to working with you!
Ramona Schmitt, CEO/President


Ask about getting set up at different trade shows,
and selling our product! Free training and more!

18 years of experience knowing the good shows versus the bad...don't waste your money at the wrong show!

Business Opportunities

Get instant profits! Set up a Wigging Out stand anywhere, and make great money! Set up a stand at home parties, flea markets, mall carts, women's shows, beauty pageants, dance shows, anywhere you think women of any age would benefit from a Wigging Out wig!

Cater to Chemo Patients

We'll supply brochures, you just simply drop them off to the nearest oncologist. You'll be amazed at the transformation shown on the brochures, and so will your clients! You'll be able to reach many patients, restore their self esteem and personality. You can choose to sell these wigs at parties, by appointment, in the client's home, at their support group meetings, etc.

How to set up your mall location

Call a mall in your nearlest location, make sure no one is alreayd selling Wigging Out at a mall cart. If no one is already selling Wigging Out, I'll set up a time to fly in, train you, show you how much money you can make, and get ready to set up your cart.

sWigs and Wine

Have a house party! Wiggin out is just a good excuse to get together with friends. Play with wigs and serve wine! Make money and have fun. Your wigged friends will look beautiful and your business will blossom by word of mouth.


Wholesale Packages:

Package 1:
Cost: $1,080
Profit: $1,600
Reorders: $77 ea

Package 2:
Cost: 2,160
Profit: $3,800
Reoders: $66 ea

Package 3:
Cost: $3,240
Profit: $6,400
Reorders: $50 ea

Purchase Package 3 and receive 3 free heads, free shipping and handling and free color swatch. No minimum on reorders.

Wholesale Show Specials:
(Only available at our shows!)

Buy Package 1, get 2 wigs FREE
Buy Package 2, get 6 wigs FREE
Buy Package 3, get 12 wigs FREE


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